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New Membership Purchase and Setup

Access to TRaCclub requires an annual TRaCclub membership. Membership grants access to TRaCclub resources for one year from the date of activation. Memberships may be purchased for one or more “tracks” at one time. Tracks may also be purchased later and added to your membership account after your initial purchase.

Memberships to TRaCclub may be purchased by the end user or by another individual for the benefit of the end user. An email address for each user will be required during the transaction. Immediately following the purchase, print the confirmation screen that contains the invitation code (access code). As a back up to the confirmation screen, an invitation code will then be sent to each user. This code will be required to complete the account setup process.

Please note that TRaCclub membership is purchased on an annual basis. As the expiration date gets close, you will receive an email reminder to renew your membership

Purchase Membership

TRaCclub membership may only be purchased online at "" In order to complete the purchase process, the following items will be required:

  • Credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  • Name and email address for each end user
  • Outpost number and district OR church GPH account number and zip code (for charter discount, if applicable)
Purchase Now

Setup Account

Once a membership has been purchased and an invitation code has been received, users may setup their TRaCclub membership accounts. Membership accounts may be setup as new accounts or may be used in conjunction with existing Ranger Passport (AGPassport) accounts.

To associate your TRaCclub account with your existing Ranger Passport account, begin the process as a New User. Enter your invitation code. Then enter the contact information, including user name and password, for your existing Ranger Passport account. Click “Login with AG Passport” button. This will take you to the Login screen to login to your TRaCclub account.

Setup Account