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Welcome to TRaCclub

TRaCclub is an online resource and curriculum delivery system for Royal Rangers. TRaCclub consists of five "tracks"—each one providing all the materials necessary to operate a specific age group of the program—Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers. A track for leaders is also available, providing a variety of additional resources to equip and empower local leaders for success. Each track is provided on an annual membership basis.

Local groups may purchase memberships to as many or as few tracks as they choose, according to their needs. Each GROUP track includes materials such as:

  • Weekly meeting guides provide a framework for the entire meeting (replaces the printed Leaders Guides)
  • Merit lesson plans (including skill, leadership, and Bible merits) or achievement award lessons specific to that group (replaces printed Leaders Merit References)
  • Boys workbook pages for all merits where workbook pages are used (replaces printed workbooks for boys)

The LEADER track includes a variety of supplemental materials for leaders. A complimentary two-year membership to the Leader track is included with the purchase of the Leader Manual. This track includes material such as:

  • Junior Leadership Foundations, the new local-level junior leader training program
  • Devotions for weekly meeting or special events
  • Program ideas for Councils of Achievement
  • Program planning forms and information

Content Format

Most TRaCclub content is provided in PDF format although some material is provided in Microsoft Word (doc) or Excel (xls) format. It is, therefore, necessary that you have the Adobe Reader (v7 or higher), Microsoft Word Viewer, and Microsoft Excel Viewer (or the full-version software) installed on your computer to access these files. This software may be downloaded for free by following the links below.


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